Coaching Options to Work with Jass

We provide Bespoke and customized solutions for executives for transformal changes. 

As a hi-performing leader with a career in The World Bank, Jass has achieved work life balance.  One of the Best Executive Coach in Singapore, Jass Malaney helps women executives and entrepreneurs overcome guilt, fears, blindspots, self sabotaging inner critical voices to become confident and unstoppable, so they can make more money doing what they love.  She has over 20 years of experience working with women leaders globally to find freedom they seek, create harmony and balance between their professional and personal lives. Living their best lives!

Transformational Coaching Package for Women
Six months with 12 sessions of 60 mins each

This package is for those feeling stuck, with a sense of guilt, not finding enough time for family and over worked.   You have a demanding job with high level of responsibilities.  You want to better manager your teams, your bosses and get promoted.  You are seeking work life balance and harmony with the family.


You will also receive:

Starter Coaching Package
Two months with 4 coaching sessions of 60 mins each

This starter package is for professionals who are facing conflicting priorities, difficult bosses or relationships and demands on your time.  They have tried everything and are ready to overcome professional or personal challenges. 
We will begin with deep dive into the issue and create clarity and an action plan to overcome the challenge. Over the two months, I will support you with the implementation for achieving your set goals.
You will receive:

High-Impact Coaching Conversation
One 60 minute session

Designed for professionals who seek clarity on the specific issue they are facing.  In the session, we will deep dive into what is holding you back and I will help you to work out best way of resolving it, and you will walk away with implementable solutions.


You will receive:

Elevate & Growth Mindset Coaching Package
Three months (90 days) with 9 sessions of 60 mins each

Are you feeling stuck?  You know you are ready for the next promotion and greater success, yet things hold you back. 
With Coaching to focus on identifying the biggest blocks or limiting beliefs holding you back from success you desire. 
Executive Presence, Managing Team Challenges,
You will receive:

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