Is business growth correlated to engagement with people?

Having spent several years working in corporate cultures, I have seen we focus on numbers and annual growth strategies. Measured results are seen as visible markers for progress – and are well chartered using KPIs – indicators for monthly, quarterly, and annual trackers to ensure results!
Management continues to craft business strategies incorporating economic parameters, the competitor’s analysis, and industry business practices. For some organisations, business strategies are created by hiring consultants, and then with discussions with the Board of Directors. There is no doubt that significant time gets spent to ensure the right measures, report formats & presentations are created. These then cascaded into a new vision, and business growth strategies which ensure progress indicators are met.
In working with business strategies set this way the Senior Leadership Teams are left to chart out the action plans for operational deliverables. These out-of-the-box strategies are cascaded down to the business leaders who despite all odds, economic, and environmental conditions, further drive their teams to demonstrate progress and growth with the benchmarked numbers and we know that is one of the major causes for the mental, emotional and physical stress people face in these corporations.
If organisations can start to partner with the teams on the ground level and begin by drawing out the growth potential they see in the coming year. They can continue to build organisational structures to harness future trends. This way, they would evolve the value-added proposition of their offerings, instead of matching their competitors, hence creating their own benchmarks for excellence. Handling business risk by giving allowances for failures, and navigating ways of overcoming their challenges.
The growth strategies crafted this way would include not just the business growth markers, but ensuring they are delivered. By allowing the engagement of the people they get to develop and involve them in the growth of the organisations. In understanding their pain points and giving them the necessary support to ensure they have the resources to deliver results. These organisations elevate and surpass their business and performance KPIs due to the level of engagement of everyone in the organisation. This is the kind of alignment that organisations can endeavour towards in elevating their leadership in the post-pandemic era.
When people are genuinely engaged, they build businesses!

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