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Benefits of working with Acquire

Elevate your leadership so that they lead with an authentic connection with self

Commit to building an organization with clear strategic direction and goals and deliver results

Build relationships and collaborations to leverage their strengths globally

Embrace change and be adaptable to anticipate trends, leverage systems and technology

Energize the organizations you lead and build communities within

Lead with agility and be a role models



We offer customized solutions to achieve desired results which align with organizational growth and outcomes.


Hi there, I’m Jass Malaney, and I am the Founder of Acquire Global Coaching. When I started my journey to become a coach 20 years ago, I realised how tough it was not knowing where I stood as a coach. Like many, I had lots of experience, with a decade of leading businesses and teams at The World Bank and the United Nations. However, as a new Coach, I still struggled. Then I realised the importance of learning from experienced coaches. 

Through their experiences, I learnt more.

Today as PCC level Coach, my clients are C-suite leaders at global MNCs and banks committed to growth and sustainable shifts.

I am honoured to invite you to become a better leader and mentor and learn from my journey and experience.

At Acquire Global Coaching, we offer Leadership Coaching and partner with senior-level clients. Through Team Coaching, we understand a team’s needs and co-create and custom-design team training workshops to support and meet the objective.

As a result, teams become effective performing members.

We offer 1-1 coaching, confidentially, through face to face or virtual sessions and assessments. We offer coaching and ICF Credentialing (ACC & PCC Level) on a 1-to-1 and group setup through Mentor Coaching for new coaches.

We integrate a wide range of offerings such as assessments & surveys, role plays, simulations, skills practise sessions, experiential learning, and a variety of extensive group facilitation techniques. 

All our programs are delivered to meet objectives with participants engagement to gain maximum outcome.



Jass is a masterful and inspiring coach! Her warm presence made me feel deeply cared for and seen, giving me the courage to go inward, examine my assumptions and clarify what exactly I was seeking. She gently challenged me to deepen the exploration and partnered with me to concretise the steps necessary to manifest my desired outcome. I am grateful to have crossed paths with Jass and highly recommend her to those who are ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery.

Deborah Chen

PhD, ACC. Learning Design Strategist at the Office of the
Vice-President of Research & Innovation, Canada.

Jass is an absolutely fantastic leadership coach. I highly recommend entrepreneurs to listen to her. It has been a very insightful and enriching experience working with Jass. The coaching sessions allowed me to see myself more deeply and how specifically I can improve to develop myself further.

Purnima Kamath

Founder & CEO, De Ideaz Pte Ltd.

In just one intensive session, Jass has helped me so much. Before I met her, I felt frustrated, and several things were making me feel overwhelmed at work. My relationships with my colleagues, especially dealing with cultural differences. After the session, I reflected upon some of Jass’s critical elements that helped create awareness for me. The powerful metaphor created in the session allowed me to go into a tricky situation, be mindful, and not take things too personally. 

As a result, I feel more relaxed, have the right work-life balance, and maintain it. Personally am a lot happier!

Marketing Director

Kellogs Singapore.

It has been a truly incredible experience working with Jass, and I have gained valuable insights about myself. It has allowed me to learn the importance of time management, business goals, and areas of personal improvement. I have benefited by expanding my skills, and as a result of believing in myself, I have revised my future career goals.

Kevin Yu

General Manager, Singapore

Jass helped me draw out insights and awareness of my leadership capabilities and how I managed myself in my relationships. When I met her, I was ready to quit, felt overwhelmed, resentful and frustrated. After her coaching, people have commented on how calm I seem to be. I feel more relaxed, have found my passion in life and feel more connected and happy, with an outstanding work-life balance. Jass is intuitive on a deep level and insightful in every sense of the word.


a Non-Profit Organisation

I had the opportunity of working with Jass to upskill my leadership. I found her to be an emphatic listener who would understand the leadership challenges that I had. Coupled with her intuitiveness and experience, I found her insights and questions incredibly transformative in my leadership journey. Through her coaching, I have grown in confidence and competency in my leadership skills.

Dr Chua Chi Siong

CEO, Jurong Community Hospital, Jurong Health Services

Before meeting Jass, I was somewhat sceptical about working with a coach. I initially didn’t understand or comprehend the need for an executive coach for a person who has succeeded in his leadership roles for more than ten years. But the one-on-one sessions that I had with Jass have changed my perception of a personal coach’s work. Jass was very personable and easy to talk to. She worked as my sounding board, helping me develop new ideas that hadn’t occurred to me before and to refine and improve on many of the things I had already been doing.

Abhimanyau Pal

Executive Director, Singapore Disability Centre.

With her experience in the corporate world and coaching, Jass quickly picked out my strengths and weaknesses within the first coaching session. The coaching sessions helped me take my leadership to the next level making me more confident in my capabilities, enhancing my communication skills to engage, motivate and lead my team to the 2016 Olympics. By the end of the coaching program, I was reaffirmed with my purpose and direction for work and armed with a new set of skills and strategies to be more efficient at the workplace.

Pei Ming Chung

General Manager, National Sailing Centre, Singapore.

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